6 Ways To Make Recycling Easier for you

6 Ways To Make Recycling Easier for you

Nigeria has a record of being the second largest plastic importer in Africa, accounting for 17 percent of the total number of consumption of plastic on the continent. It has been predicted that in 2030, the plastic importation and consumption of plastic will reach over 40 million tonnes in the African continent. These facts are enough reasons why we should consider ways to make our recycling easier so that more people can participate in it

In considering recycling, there some ways that could imputed to make recycling easy:

  1. Get Creative :

Getting creative with recycling, involves the use of recyclable products for multiple purposes. This is the transformation of recycled products through DIY processes to suit your family or for self consumption. For instance the use of plastic bottles can be used as planters for flowers or herbs, newspaper or old newspapers could be transformed into wrapping papers.

Also, you can encourage others to use recyclable products to produce creative works. All that is required is the application of your creativity to expand recycling options and make the environment Eco friendly.

  1. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle:

The process of reusing and recycling products rather than disposing the product helps to save the environment from unnecessary harm caused due to waste. The various products which could be reused and recycled include: plastic bags, plastic containers or aluminium foil etc. For instance rather than throwing away the plastic bags, they could be kept for future purposes to avoid buying plastic bags.

Also there is the use of plastic or tin containers for keeping other household materials that need safe keeping. The process of reducing waste is like being cautious on the use of recyclable products. For instance avoiding buying or collecting plastic straws and extra plastic bags to reduce waste.

  1. Donate or sell

Donating means letting go of unnecessary waste around the environment or in your home. There are certain household items that do not need to be discarded, but rather, could be given out to people who might find treasure in the items. Like the saying goes one man’s poison is another man’s food. Who knows, someone might find interest in that item. In Nigeria for instance there are individuals who are called “Kole Kole”, people whose job is to pick waste to sell.

A great many recycling agencies have sprung up to make recycling a lot easier. Chief of this is Scrapays, a platform where you can sell recyclables at premium prices. Even better is that our collectors come to your doorstep to pick up your waste so that you never have to stress

We also have agents all over Lagos who are always available to collect your waste. It is recycling made profitable and convenient for you!

  1. Understand The Rules:

There are certain rules regarding how to dispose of waste (depending on the type) and this helps the recycling process to be properly and easily managed. For example, the process for recycling plastic is different from that of recycling electrical appliances or food. This is the reason for checks and balances by following the rules before disposal.

  1. Have A Bin

For an individual to have stress free recycling, there should be a bin set in strategic places and well labeled for proper disposal of waste. To further simplify the process, have separate bins for different materials; for example, a separate bin for plastics, one for papers, another for cans, etc. This prior sorting makes sorting just before recycling a lot easier

  1. Teach About Recycling

It is important that we get educated about the process and more important is to educate everyone about it. This help to keep our environment safe and healthy.

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