No make your Business money grow wings.

“After 5 years of being an agent with other companies, it has only being about what you could supply to the company nobody cared about how your actual business is doing until NOW”

Have access to people who can get you materials?

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Increase your business tonnage and get your fund protected

  • Fund Security: Let us help you smoothen and secure your fund allocation to the Scrap Collectors. Your Money is insured 100%
  • Manage and Track your Vendor Collection
  • Inventory Management
  • Calculate the estimated investment return based on current tonnage collected and market price.
  • Operations funding access

We’ve Got you Covered

Provide Scrapays with Materials through your network and get better pricing acros Metal, carton, Aluminium, and Plastic. Get to review vendors' history before disbursement. Set your own disbursement terms your vendors must agree to.
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