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Everything Your Business Needs For Its Scrap Disposal

Get an all-in-one solution that digitizes how your organisation disposes of its waste. From sales to inventory management, to choice of CSR all available with few clicks.
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Run your Material disposal operations on auto-pilot

Get Premium return on your recyclable waste by saving over 75% of revenue lost during material disposal resulting from middlemen transactions and falsified reports of actual volume generated.

Automate Operations

Get Away from Middlemen to Transparency

Manage the volume of materials and return received using our easy to use Inventory management system. Full Automation when Scrapays is also your collection partner.

Business Insights

Connect past, current and future Numbers.

What is the volume of materials your company gave off last month or last quarter? Predict what volume of material will be given off in your next cycle and your potential return.

Digital Transformation

Great for your Bottomline

With a new source of income for your business or a 75% cash savings on existing sources, you can do more for your business. say goodbye to operations without a proper digital record. Get Quarterly or Monthly report to get you on track.

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Stay Up To Date

Access to records anywhere at any time with our live reporting system plus a monthly disposal report.

Fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility

With our system, you can voluntarily decide to support any of our listed SDG initiatives with your returns on your material disposal, monitor implementation while you get a CSR Certificate for your support and an environmental compliance badge.
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“Scrapays Enterprise lets you bring all your recyclable disposal process, volume and return generated into one system.“

Scrapays Enterprise Management System is totally free
Get Organised, Predict Future Volume and get Premium Value.
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