Earn Money as a Scrapays collection outlet host.

That extra space just got more use! Commission on every kilogram through a network with the thousands of producers is the new rent.

Why Host on Scapays?

  • Run a business without worrying about its operation! So long as you own a free space, Scrapays make collection easier for you.
  • Customized temporary structure that fits your space. The temporary structure can be self assembled, or with us
  • Vendor assigned to your space, and collectors directed to report to your space
  • While you receive scheduled notification on the amount of materials collected on your space and you get paid with respect to the volume of materials your space takes.
Big bags of sorted material for recycling

Steps to Host

  • List your space for free
  • Decide how long you want to host for. This ranges from as little as 3months to 3 years. Zero listing charge
  • Tell us the size of your space in ft or metres
  • Set up your personal collection hub with our Custom-ready made structure yourself or with us
  • Welcome a Vendor.

Estimate what you can earn 

Earn 10% – 15% of the value on every kilogram of material collected in your outlet.

Assigned personnel are trained and verified

Existing vendors and collectors are put through a semi structured program and independent vendors are verified, certain information is required of them, profiled, listed as our staff and liable to scrapays

Who can be a Scrapays host?

It is easy to become a Scrapays host and it is always free to host. So long as you own an open space, it could be a part of your parking space or a corner in your compound or a warehouse are just a few places hosts have shared.

Who are the Vendors that will be assigned to my space

We independent Vendors 80% of the time. These vendors are registered with scrapays and trackable. They go through a program that evaluates their entire wellbeing (physical and psychological) and only qualified vendors are assigned

Who are the collectors that will be directed to offload in my space?

Because we are impacting lives. We use existing collectors 90% of the time. Scrapays have invested in their training, orientation and wellbeing before they are allocated to your space and they are liable to scrapays

Would these collected scrap material smell?

Absolutely not! They are materials that have already been presorted. A routine pickup as frequently as bi-weekly (dependent on the space) is also done to keep your space always neat and No food waste is collected and stored in host outlets.

What protection do I have if part of my property is damaged?

Our Entire operation is insured and our host storage property has an insurance package already assign to you.

How do I get Paid?

Collection Payments are made every 30days after the initiation of your collection outlet

What are the requirements to Host an outlet with Scrapays

Submit required documents that confirm you have undisputed access to the space you are listing

Still have more questions?

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