Why should you Recycle? – Top 7 Benefits of Recycling

Why should you Recycle? – Top 7 benefits of Recycling

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the word ‘recycling.’ We see it as a tedious process that is for ‘other people’ not us.

And many Nigerians are yet to accept recycling as a solution for their waste management; some because they don’t understand the process of recycling, others don’t see the need to recycle and a lot others consider it stressful.

But recycling is fast becoming a necessity because reducing the levels of waste we produce is key to preserving our environment, and this is the focus of recycling – to reduce waste.

The benefits of recycling, especially in Nigeria cannot be overstressed, especially because there currently isn’t a working waste management system. These benefits will help you appreciate the need for recycling in Nigeria.

Benefits of Recycling

1) Recycling reduces pollution:

Pollution is a result of waste generated by households and organizations, including plastics, metals, etc., some of which are burnt. Waste burning releases a high volume of Carbon Monoxide into the atmosphere, posing tremendous risk to your health and greatly contributing to the problem of global warming.

Recycling your waste significantly reduces pollution levels since waste is not indiscriminately disposed but used for other purposes. Thus water bodies, soil and underground water will be free from hazardous waste materials.

2) Recycling creates jobs:

Recycling is a huge industry in itself and creates numerous job opportunities for various people ranging from waste collectors to recycling machine operators and various people involved in the chain of collection and delivery.

Since these activities are performed by humans, it triggers an explosion of opportunities. While some people collect waste from their various primary sources, others transport them to the recycling location, etc. The recycling process requires human effort, leading to the employment of more people.

3) Recycling is a source of income

Many people make money by selling off their out-of-use electrical appliances, some people source for other forms of wastes such as cans and plastic and sell them off to recycling companies.

Governments in developed countries formulate policies to financially reward those who volunteer to dispose waste properly or dispose of them at the various collection points. Items that previously would have been disposed of are now sold to waste collectors. This creates an added source of income for waste producers.

The income attached to the sale of waste items is a great incentive to people especially those who live in slums and rural areas. It not only helps them earn an income, or make a living, it also educates them on how to dispose of waste properly.

4) ) Recycling reduces Energy Consumption and Cost of Production

Creating new products by recycling consumes far less energy than making them from fresh raw materials. Recycling reduces energy consumption by producing alternatives to these raw materials since energy required in the process of extracting and processing these materials is saved. This eventually leads to a decrease in the cost of production – which is a major goal of every manufacturer.

5) Recycling sensitizes people about the need to preserve the environment

You will agree that when people are told not to dispose their waste nonchalantly but to deposit them at certain points, or when they are told that they can make money from proper disposition of their waste, they become more conscious of the importance of proper waste disposal, the way it affects their environment and possible steps to take to ameliorate the negative effects and they’ll be more accustomed to recycling.

When everyone becomes accustomed to recycling, they’ll participate in more eco-friendly activities.

6) Recycling cuts down the amount of waste in landfill sites and reduces incineration.

Landfill sites are home to a large chunk of wastes and this poses severe hazard and health risks to those living close to them. A good example is the Olusosun Dumpsites in Ojota, Lagos. As the Population grows, landfills sites increase, defacing the environment as well as posing health threats.

Recycling old and used materials into reusable products greatly reduces the possibility of choking landfill sites. This is beneficial because it helps minimize land and water pollution. Since landfills contribute significantly to environmental degradation, less landfill and waste littering ensures decreased erosion of the topmost fertile soil.

As wastes are saved from being dumped in the ocean, aquatic biodiversity is also maintained.

7) Recycling conserves natural resources: Recycling waste materials help provide alternatives to fresh raw materials that would have been extracted.

Taking steps to conserve natural resources like minerals, water, and wood ensure sustainable and optimal use. For example, recycling paper and wood helps us preserve trees and forests, recycling metals saves us the stress of having to extract or mine them and thus conserves them.

Recycling is a beneficial process for individuals, businesses and the environment. It is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. You get rid of waste materials that pose great health risk and earn money while doing so. The government achieves their aim of reducing environmental pollution, thus reducing health risk. And manufacturing firms get raw material at a reduced rate and the environment is preserved.

These benefits of recycling are enough reason to rethink your waste disposal method and start recycling. And if you’re still not convinced, then think of it this way:

When you recycle, it is one (or more) less plastic bottle, ‘pure water’ sachet, or wine bottle blocking drainages and littering the gutters. This significantly reduces flooding.

Now imagine if everyone else recycles. Our drainage will be clear, gutters will run freely and you won’t be alarmed when the rains come.

Recycling made easy

Besides all these benefits, there is no better time than now to recycle because recycling has been made easy for individuals and organizations. We now have companies like Scrapays paying mouth-watering amounts for your recyclable materials. In addition, you no longer need to go to drop off points because they come to pick up recyclable wastes in your home or organization.

That’s making extra money at the comfort of your home.

With these benefits of recycling and recycling made convenient for everyone, we no longer have any excuse not to recycle.

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