We buy your scrap, you get paid in 60 minutes.​

Old car, truck, copper, Aluminium, warehouse equipment, cartons and iron sheet  stock pile from your production line, etc.

How it works

Value your materials yourself

Provide us with your asking price, show us your materials with pictures, and provide your contact details

Get an inspection

Once you’ve told us about your materials using the form, our agents will give you a call to arrange a physical evaluation. Our price ensures you get a current market scrap value.

Get Paid

Once inspection is done and a price is agreed, we pay in as little as 60 minutes to your bank account.

Material types

These are the materials we are buying currently


Condemned Trucks, caterpillers, Cars, Copper, aluminium, Iron, and other metals.

Bulk Cartons

Pile of cartons used in packaging etc.

Bulk Papers

Printing press wastes, old new papers, institution exam sheet, etc.

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