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Get digital tools to manage your scrap materials so as an Enterprise you can focus on what truly matters.

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Sort waste generated from your homes and shops. Dial *347*477# to request pick up. Earn Cash


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Own “Out-of Use” items ? Old Car,Truck,Batteries, Pay Loaders, Caterpillar, Closed…., Copper, Aluminium, e.t.c.

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Earn commissions on every kilogram of material put on space through a platform with thousands of waste producers

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Get to pick up Materials only on request. “No More Waka Waka without direction”.

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Earn commission for every kilograms you recover and store

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Earn commission for every kilograms you collect

Get all you need to start immediately

  • IOT Scale
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Scrapays for Enterprise

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Tell us the Material type and class of material you want to give off.

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Save 75% of revenue lost from disposing materials through middleman transactions and falsified Report.


Manage the volume of materials and return received using our easy to use Inventory Management tool.

Household Producer

With materials you produce from your homes, shops and outlets. You get guaranteed pickup, Faster response and compensation for every kilogram given off.
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Dial *347*477# code to get started

We get to meet you and tell us where you are requesting from

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Select Material Category you are disposing, then hit the request button, a collector gets assigned to you

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Collector arrives, puts your materials on the scale and you confirm the value.


You get value equivalence in price/kg of what you just disposed off in your online wallet.

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Spaces are really Valuable and keeping unwanted items on it is a waste. List your “Out-of-Use” Items today.
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