Rewarding Lives

Value for every
recyclable recovered

We ensure you get your recyclable materials disposed of as soon as you request a pickup. Get paired with same-day Collectors who deliver per kilogram goodness.

step by step process of your scrapays journey

Recycling as a Business

With our fresh approach to getting you engaged in recycling, you can now start and run your own recycling business in just 3 simple steps, and start getting commissions either by collecting or storing recyclables.

For Agents

What if it was better utilized?

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    Join hundreds of people whose space delivers endless delight.

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    Storage as you go - Become an Agent

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    Help Collectors meet their storage needs, so they can continue delivering fast same day collection services

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    Commissions on every kilogram stored

For Collectors

Ride towards what matters!

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    Join these commandos riding for good and delivering smiles.

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    Collect on-the-go - Become a Collector.

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    Exceed waste producers expectations with conversions on sorting and earning powered by IOT device and Mobile app

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    Commissions on every kilogram collected

Scrapays for Individuals

Join thousands of Individuals and SMEs on Scrapays getting value from their recyclables across, Plastics, Metal, Aluminum, Paper, Carton, and many more.

  • USSD

    No internet?
    Worry not! Just Dial *347*477#

  • WhatsApp

    Chat your way into recycling. Simply Chat 08093333477 to get started.
    Yes! It’s that easy.

  • Web

    Simply login to your online web dashboard, and start recycling.

Scrapays for Enterprises

Schedule pick-up
Get Analytics and Insights
Fulfill CSR
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    Do more with your recyclables, Get value, Impact People and Planet.

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    Make sure that the waste you generate on a daily basis as a result of your operations or production activities are put to good use.

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    Our AI-powered technology gives analytics into your waste generation pattern. Monetization gives you the levers to do good while fulfilling your CSR obligations in the most innovative ways.


You List It, We Scrap It, You Get Paid!
Don’t allow them to take valuable space, wouldn’t you rather get paid for them?

Let Scrapays handle your bulk scrapings, with a seamless systematic process.
List them in simple steps, and Scrapays immediately handles it all, while you just relax and get paid.

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