Scrapays is where

your waste gets value.

Whether you’re starting a scrap business, selling your household or business waste, our solution provides you with the means to manage your waste and ensures you get paid for it.


Scrapays for Individuals

From waste
to cash

Join Individuals like you turning their everyday plastic, cartons, papers & more, into cash and keeping the environment clean.


Sell your waste, buy airtime & pay bills simply by chatting with Temi, all on our WhatsApp BOT.

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Scrapays For Agent

Store and earn with pride

Setup your own profitable scrap business within 6 hours or less, right from the space in your home or compound and get paid for every kilogram of scrap stored.

Scrapays for Businesses & Enterprise

Harness the potential of your recyclables

Fulfil your CSR obligations in the most innovative ways by ensuring the waste generated daily during your operations is put to good use.

This commitment promotes environmental responsibility and also contributes to a sustainable and forward-thinking business model.

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    Industry tailored solutions

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    Schedule pickups

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    Gain analytics & insights

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    Fulfil your CSR obligations

Some of the materials we collect

Everyone can get value for their waste with Scrapays

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