Give more value to that space!

Get paid for every Kilogram of Recyclable you store. Start your own Recycling Business today using Scrapays integrated offline and online technology and ecosystem

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Get your recycling outlet operational in 4 simple Moves

  • Get registered

    Download the Agent App on Play Store

  • Documentation

    Fill in your KYC details, then proceed to sign your Asset Agreement Form

  • Onboarding

    Get your onboarding pack and operations assets

  • Go

    Fund your Wallet.
    Welcome, Collector and Producers.
    Start Earning

Here is why you should become a Scrapays Agent

  • Put your Earnings on Autopilot

    Get disposal traffic directed to your outlet by our Collectors and individuals looking to drop-off

  • Earn as you store

    Get paid for every transaction you facilitate and Kilogram of materials stored and off-taken from your outlet.

  • Near-Zero Setup Cost

    Get all the tools you need to run your business. You only repay for assets when you earn.

  • Manage Your Iventory

    Automatically track collection volume per time, corresponding payment, and your commission from your mobile.

The Assets

Scrapays provide the assets you need to immediately
start at no upfront cost

  • IoT Scale

    Our indigenous IoT Scale allows for automatic reading of the kilogram of the recyclables and wireless communication with the Scrapays Agent App

    IOT scale
  • Storage Sacks

    This is used for storage of the different material classes that we class

    storage sack


After the first month initial payment, you only have to start paying back for the collected asset after active transaction operations on the Scrapays System.

You get to pay back over the next 6 months with a fraction of the profit you make.

It does not get better and easier than this.

Become a Scrapays Continental Agent

You can also become like Chris who is a Scrapays Continental Agent.
Chris has 5 Agent Outlets in Lagos and 3 in Ogun State.
We call him Odogwu! The Cashout King!
The Scrapays System makes it so easy and seamless to rise.

Would you love to be like Chris?
Do you have access to multiple spaces across different locations?
Be like Chris!

Go Continental
continental agent

Scrapays Working Capital Finanace

We believe in empowering our partners to do more. Get qualified for Scrapays “Cost of Goods” finance after you hit a tiered transaction record over a period of 6 months and above.

  • 6 months transaction record on the Scrapays App
  • Tired Transaction Cap

Finance should not be a limitation

Terms & Condition Applies


Frequently Asked Questions

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