Get paid for the space in your home or shop.

Start your recycling business with Scrapays and get paid for every kilogramme of recyclables you store. It’s that simple.

Recycling As A Business, it’s that simple.

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Not sure why you should become a Scrapays Agent?

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Automate your collection centre traffic.

Get disposal traffic directed to your outlet by Collectors and individuals looking to drop off.

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Monetize your space

Earn 25% to 70% on every transaction you facilitate and Kilogram of materials stored and off-taken from your outlet.

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Near-Zero Setup Cost

Get all the essential tools, assets & resources you need to run your business.

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Manage Your Inventory.

Access up-to-the-minute data on the types and quantities of materials in your outlet and maximize profits.

One App to empower your community & enrich your finances.

Reduce your community's poor waste disposal habits with your recycling collection outlet & earn towards your goals.

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Collect materials easily

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Track your profits & inventory

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Access business loans

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Earn bonuses & rewards

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Learn & scale with Scrapays Academy

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Flexible Pricing

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Loan Status

Business loan eligibility: 100%

up to: ₦250k

Amazing work done! Get a loan.

Fuel Your Business Growth with Scrapays Working Capital Loans.

Scrapays agents can access working capital loans to expand their business operations, acquire new assets or increase their purchase of recyclable materials.

Our customer's words speak louder than ours.

Start as Mini-agent, Grow beyond

Mini-agents are able to start operations without a scale, test our services, app features and experience what it means to be a Scrapays agent.

receive materials


Receive materials

count materials


Count materials



Input details on the App



Pay with cash or wallet

Processing drop offs
as a mini-agent.


Click “Add Drop Off”


Enter customer’s phone number


Select “I don’t have a scale”


Choose material type


Count & input material quantity


Pay customer

Would you like to provide a collection service?

Providing ease is essential, and that's what you do when you pick up recyclable materials from the doorstep of waste producers. That’s what it means to be a collector.

Agent only.

Earn between 25% to 37% profit.

Agent + Collector.

Earn between 60% to 75% profit.

Earning Calculator

KG Stored

Capital Spent

Select material type

Select material

kilogram stored

Agent only

Receive recyclable materials at your collection centre.

KG Stored: 0kg

Your actual profit is:

0.00 | 0.00% margin

Agent + Collector

Receive recyclable materials at your collection centre and also pick-up from individuals at their location.

KG Stored: 0kg

Your actual profit is:

0.00 | 0.00% margin

Now let’s look at the

Calculate your potential earnings.

Start your recycling business with Scrapays, scale with ease.