An End-to-End Solution to deliver impact with your waste

Your Recyclables can now seamlessly be a channel of Economic Gain and Environmental Good

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illustration of scrapays solutions
illustration of scrapays solutions
illustration of scrapays solutions
illustration of scrapays solutions
illustration of scrapays solutions

We believe Enterprises are a critical part of the lever that would help redefine the status quo narrative around waste in emerging economies.

Be a major part of what truly matters: People and Planet

  • insight

    Gain insights into your waste generation, make better decisions

  • recycle

    Convert your sorted recyclables to a recurring revenue stream

  • carbon emissions

    Get Carbon Emissions (CO2) saving recognition and certification

  • CSR obligations

    Let your waste do more! Fulfill CSR obligation in innovative ways seamlessly. Support causes that matter most to your organization

Join 100+ Enterprises using the Scrapays Solution to drive a new narrative

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Begin the journey towards impact and profit, in just 3 steps

  • waste source

    Presort from the source, as the waste is generated according to the material type

  • schedule pickup

    Schedule pickup

  • scrapays operation

    Welcome a Scrapays operations team

A different Lens and Approach to CSR

Scrapays pays you for every KG of recyclable off-taken for pickup into your organization’s scrapays Wallet. Funds in your Scrapays wallet can be used to fulfill CSR causes that best align with your organization’s goal.

Deliver Impact

Let your waste do more!
It matters to us to affect millions of lives over the next decade. We are hoping it does matter to you as well. Contribute your quota to what truly matters.

Display of Causes

Let your recyclable be the driver Causes that, make the world better;

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The Ultimate Recycling

Would you require customized or specific support for bulk scrap recycling of your “Out-of-Use” or Old machines, vehicles, warehouse, etc?

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