An End-to-End Solution for Impactful Waste Management.

Transform your recyclables into a source of
economic gain and environmental good.


Gain analytics backed Insights

With our Waste Source Traceability solution, track your product geographic distribution-consumption ratio to help your marketing and distribution decisions.


Generate revenue

Turn Waste Reduction into Profitability and Generate Recurring Revenue through Sorted Recyclables and core resource management insights.


Become a GREEN Enterprise

Be known for your sustainability efforts. Get Carbon Emissions (CO2) saving recognition and certification.


Drive initiatives

Let waste be a resource to drive CSR initiatives that align with your organization's goals & values.

Enterprises are critical to redefining the status quo about waste in emerging economies. Be a major part of what truly matters: People and Planet

Join industry leaders using the Scrapays Solution to drive environmental impact.


Begin the journey towards impact and profit, in just 3 steps



Sort according to material
types from the source.



Request pickup.



Welcome a Scrapays
operations team.

Are you an FMCG that generates
a lot of recyclables?


Geographic Insight

Scrapays offers geographic insight on product waste generation and consumption reach.


Analytics & Traceability System

Our analytics and traceability system helps track recycled waste, gain distribution analytics, and enhance your carbon emission-saving goals.

A different Lens and Approach to CSR

Scrapays pays you for every KG of recyclable off-taken for pickup into your organization's Scrapays Wallet. Funds in your Scrapays wallet can be used to fulfil CSR causes that best align with your organization's goal.

Deliver Impact

Maximize the impact of your recyclables by using it to create positive change in the world! Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of people in the coming decade, and we invite you to join us in this mission.

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The Ultimate Recycling Pipeline

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