Unlock your business potential.

Scrapays provides you with the support to maximize your recycling business growth and shatter milestones. Smile to the bank even as you impact the environment.

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Collateral-free, low interest loans.

There comes a time when a business needs to expand and spread its wings. As an organisation committed to helping recycling businesses grow, we want to make it as easy for you as possible with low-interest, collateral-free loans.

Business loan eligibility: 80%

up to: ₦250k

You are progressing! Get qualified.

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Business loan eligibility: 100%

up to: ₦250k

Amazing work done! Get a loan.

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Active Loan


You have an active loan. Pay Now.

What makes you eligible?


    3 Months of Operation

    After three months of consecutive activity on the Scrapays app, you’ve passed the first eligibility criteria for a loan.


    2 Processed Offtakes

    Complete a minimum of 2 offtakes and move closer to being eligible for a loan.


    Scale Repayment Status

    Pay for your IOT scale without default within the preceding two months of requesting a loan.


    Transaction Volume

    Complete Drop off transactions worth at least ₦60,000 using the Scrapays app.


KYC Status

For the security of all parties involved in the loan process, completing your KYC verification is a mandatory step in requesting for a loan.

Apply for a business loan in 5 easy steps.

Once you meet all of the eligibility criteria, follow these 5 steps to request for a loan.


Select “Loan” on the app dashboard.


Scroll down & tap the request loan”“ button.


Read and accept loan terms.


Input approved loan amount.


Receive loan!

Loan Repayment Calculator

Full Loan Amount (₦)

Number of weeks

Total Repayment


Get ₦0 and repay with 0



    Loan Limit

    There is a cap on our loans, so you cannot receive more than ₦250,000 per cycle.


    Disbursement Amount

    The amount you can borrow is determined by the income from your last three offtakes i.e. it is linked to your overall financial performance.


Loan Repayment

Loans & appropriate interests are remitted from your Scrapays wallet upon your next offtake or are to be repaid at the end of the month.